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Josh Robertson

Design + Data

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I don't just draw dangerously-cute stick figures. I also team up with others to solve hard problems. I'd bring you 14+ years as a designer and consultant. I have a knack for visual communication and analytics. I've facilitated hundreds of workshops.

Résumé & LinkedIn profile


case study: mobile app for submitting claim photos
managed the team that improved customer experience 6.9pp and damage estimate accuracy 4.2pp by changing a UI

prototype: mobile app for coverage recommendations
re-imagined the ‘annual insurance review’ journey by assessing the traditional method against enterprise CX standards


CX journey map: from water damage to restoration
crafted a lauded journey map while overseeing a visual designer, who developed some components at my direction


prototype: mobile app for recipes
developed a wireframe while taking the 'Sketch for UX Design' course in 2020, earning a certificate of completion

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