Crafted a lauded journey map while overseeing a visual designer, who developed some components at my direction

From water damage to restoration

The department's property claims director asked us to help his team make sense of customer insights and to identify better ways of serving customers in the event of water damage to their homes.

The Journey

When water from, say, a leaky pipe causes damage to their homes, customers often experience disruption and anxiety. Many will look to their insurance company for help.

The Problem

New capabilities like virtual claim handling and digital communication showed a lot of promise, but they'd been been haphazardly added to an already complicated customer experience.

Our challenge was to envision a seamless near-term ('Horizon 1') end-to-end customer journey.

The Team

A cross-functional group of leaders and designers from the Claims and Marketing departments

Our Approach

  • think phase to...

    • familiarize ourselves with research and benchmarking

    • extract and validate insights from research

  • A plan phase to...

    • construct user persona​(s) to guide design

    • craft a journey map (or experience diagram)

  • A do phase to...​​

    • identify and prioritize key moments in journey

    • develop concept posters for key moments




My Role

I led the team through all three phases of our approach, and I crafted most of the visuals myself. A few components of the artifact were added by a visual designer, at my direction.

the artifact

I've blurred some areas of the images and changed some details to maintain confidentiality.

"Especially for our first go at developing an outline like this I'd say great job Josh. You came a long way on your KPIs and actions and I think our...partners will appreciate how tactical they are."

supervisor feedback

lessons learned

If it had been possible, I woulda crafted multiple versions of the future state journey map, to account for other user personas.


If we'd had more time, I coulda ensured greater consistency across concept posters' stock photos (e.g., use one persona throughout).


Didn't occur to me then, but I shoulda ensured that the persona profile described the user's goals, with less focus on demographics, etc.


Next time :)